Custom College Connection, LLC
Custom College Connection, LLC

Custom College Connection, LLC was founded by Belinda Stern, BSW and MPA, and is dedicated to easing the process of finding "best fit" schools for your student matched to his or her unique preferences, academic needs and abilities.

Whether your student's "best fit" is a:

-Public university; or a small, unique and hard to find private school
-Highly selective school, or one that is more accessible
-School offering an unusual major or area of specialty
-School that excels in student support services for special needs students
-"Best college buy" for your money
-Or combination of factors

Belinda works with students who are highly motivated as well as students who need a gentle nudge, guidance and organization.  Belinda assists your student in putting their best foot forward through the college interviews, essays and applications. 

Belinda makes parents' lives easier, relieving them of the role of "application policeman" as she simplifies what can seem like an overwhelming process and walks your student through every step of the college search and application process.  Developing a relationship with each student, Belinda helps them find and articulate their strengths, making the college search and application process also a process of self exploration and discovery.

 Each student has different needs and Custom College Connection provides flexible services to meet those individualized needs.  From weekend meetings which accommodate busy schedules to a variety of service packages to fit your budgetary parameters, customized services are the hallmark of Custom College Connection.